“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money and that is sincerity and integrity.”

Douglas Adams

Rain Media specializes in providing a broad range of services specific to the architectural visualization industry. Through the collective efforts of our highly specialized team, Rain Media is exceptionally qualified to provide complete multimedia solutions as well as comprehensive services, all of which are detailed below:

Multimedia Solutions


Interactive CD Sample

We provide you with the best solutions out there. For companies wanting solutions to their multimedia requirements, or wanting to improve their self image, Rain Media offers complete multimedia solutions. Combining our extensive experience in many forms of digital media, we pride ourselves in being able to bring the best solution to you using the entire combination of Web, Video, DVD, and Virtual Digital technologies.

3D Photorealistic Renders


Shoe Store Sample

A picture is worth a thousand words. Our specialty is bringing designs and ideas to life using the modern marvels of 3D and digital media. We create stunningly beautiful 3D renderings of the highest quality and deliver them like no other. We pride ourselves in creating extremely detailed and well defined photorealistic interiors and exteriors using our expertise in 3D technology. Amongst the many advantages of using 3D and digital media is the fact that our clients have the liberty of choosing from a huge library of furniture, landscapes, colours, and textures of their liking for their projects. This added service often helps clients in deciding the entire theme of their project.

Compositing Real Footages with 3D Animations

Our expertise in computer graphics allows us to take real world footage and combine it with computer generated graphics. Imagine being able to insert an artificially created architecture into real footage with physically correct lighting conditions. The possibilities of such a combination of elements are endless.

3D Floor Plans


Why look at a typical two dimensional floor plan
when you can gain more perspective looking at one
in  3D. 3D  floor plans contain all the information a 2D
floor plan has,  and adds height to it.  It conveys a lot  more
detail  about the  project it  is  representing  as opposed to  the
traditional two dimensional drawing. We create scaled models of the entire project in 3D and can provide you with incredibly detailed views of your choice easily and quickly.